Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 Commandments of Womanhood

I haven't used my blog since I was Miss DC, but I needed some place to post my thoughts on this.

Today I read this article http://www.boobsbaconbourbon.com/2012/07/10/10-commandments-of-manhood/ and it made me think of the things that women sometimes forget that we should do. In a world where women are constantly trying to be equal to men, we sometimes forget the art of being a lady. Here is my list of the 10 commandments of womanhood:

1. A woman shall know how to cook one solid meal and all of its sides for a dinner party. At some point, you will have to cook for guests at your house. Have one great meal that you can cook. Don’t ever order in and don’t throw some pasta in a bowl and put out a jar of cold Ragu with a spoon in it. (If you don’t have one, check out my mom’s blog at www.mamacoreyskitchen.blogspot.com)

2. A woman shall know how to properly host a dinner party. Having a dinner party is not the same as having people over to pregame. Much more thought needs to go into it. Your dishes should match, you should have candles or some sort of centerpiece, and you should dress appropriately.

3. A woman shall not wear flip flops outside of the beach or immediately after a pedicure. No excuses. Flip flops are not cute and make you walk weird.

4. A woman shall not speak in a passive aggressive, overly generalized, non-descript complaints on facebook statuses. “SOME people need to realize that when they talk behind other’s backs it will get back to them”… You sound crazy. Stop it. If someone has pissed you off either confront them or ignore it. Don’t try to get attention from everyone to make them feel bad for you.

 5. A woman shall own a nice pair of quality high heels in both black and brown and know how to walk in them. I train girls in pageant walking and posing. A girl once called me to teach her to walk. When I got there, I realized she meant literally walk in heels. She had never worn them before. YOU MUST LEARN!

6. A woman shall own one LBD. A nice LBD can go a long way. One mistake I’ve made is that I like loud prints and colors. But if I wear a bright hot pink dress and post 900 pictures on facebook, I can’t wear that dress again for a long time. No one will remember that you just wore that LBD so you’ll get your money’s worth.

7. A woman shall know how to jump her car and at least fake other automobile knowledge. There is no reason to not know how to jump your car. Google it. Then find someone who knows and have them point out where your battery is, if you don’t know. You should never be in a position that you’re stranded and you have to rely on some random guy to “help” you. You don’t know who he is. Same thing goes for when you go get your car fixed. Don’t play dumb. You’ll get taken advantage of. Pretend like you used to fix cars with your dad on the weekends.

8. A woman shall never play dumb to get a guy to like her. On the topic of playing dumb, don’t ever play the dumb girl to get guys to like you. Exceptions- if there is a situation that you’re going to get something awesome out of it, do it. I once didn’t have enough cash to get my car out of a garage and didn’t feel like finding an ATM so I pretended to be dumb and didn’t know what the price was. If you’re dumb enough to just let me go without paying and I’m smart enough to work what I got, that’s all on you.

9. A woman shall have opinions on current events. Every woman should know what is going on in the world and have an opinion on it. People generally don’t care if you agree with them or not, but they’ll be impressed that you have something to say about it.

10. A woman shall always be a lady, but stick up for yourselves! Women should always remember proper etiquette, poise, and grace, but that doesn’t mean you have to be quiet. Speak up!


  1. I'm glad my post inspired you to come up with this list. These are all very good. I actually had your #1 in my original post, but I thought I'd give the guys a break. And #7 and #9 are oh so important. Thanks for the mention!

  2. Thanks Eric! I loved your post and think all guys should read it! -Jen (I run my moms blog too and can't figure out how not to post as her on comments haha)